HaYom - Messianic Jewish Conference

Oct 29th to Oct 30th, 2021


Ahavat Ammi Ministries, Yeshivat Shuvu, and Congregation Yeshua Bread of Life want to invite you to our Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. Join Rabbi Itzhak Shapira, Pastor Mark Biltz, Rabbi Steven Bernstein, Pastor Matt McKeown, Moreh Lance Hamel and many others to learn how to hear the voice of the LORD in the last days.

Featured Speakers


Rabbi Itzhak Shapira

Founder for Ahavat Ammi Ministries


Pastor Mark Biltz

Founder of El Shaddai Ministries


Rabbi Steven Bernstein

Department of Theology at Yeshivat Shuvu


Pastor Matt McKeown

Senior Pastor at the United Brethren in Christ Church


Pastor Dumisani Washington

Dumisani Washington Ministries


Moreh Lance Hamel

Yeshivat Shuvu


Pastor Haroun Cowans

Church in the City - Beth Abraham


Pastor Juanita Weiss

Kingdom Life Messianic Congregation

And Many More...


Special End-Times Yeshiva

Friday, October 29th

09:00 am - Session 1: Pastor Mark Biltz

10:30 am - Session 2: Rabbi Itzhak Shapira

12:00 pm - Lunch

01:00 pm - Session 3: Pastor Mark Biltz

02:00 pm - Session 4: Rabbi Itzhak Shapira

03:00 pm - Q&A

04:00 pm - Break

06:00 pm - Kabbalat Shabbat

07:00 pm - Welcome & Introduction

07:15 pm - D'var Torah with Rabbi Bernstein

08:15 pm - Dinner

Shabbat Session

Saturday, October 30th

09:00 am - Shacharit Service

10:30 am - Special Presentation & Worship with Pastor Washington

11:00 am - Torah Service

11:30 am - Pastor Mark Biltz

12:30 pm - Lunch

02:00 pm - Pastor Juanita Weiss

02:40 pm - Moreh Elitzur CabezaPerez

03:20 pm - Morah Amie Mutti

04:20 pm - Pastor Haroun Cowans

07: 15 pm - Havdalah & Evening Program

Sunday Session

Sunday, October 31st

08:00 am - Shacharit Service

09:00 am - Pastor Matt McKeown

09:40 am - Pastor Dumisani Washington

10:30 am - Dylan White

11:00 amĀ  - Nick Tognietti

11:30 am - Moreh Lance Hamel

12:00 pm - Conclusion with Rabbi Shapira

Hotel Information

We have special rates and accommodations from a couple of miles from the conference. You can get a special rate of $109.00 + Taxes per night. Just mention "Yeshua Bread of Life"


The Florida Hotel

Address: 1500 Sand Lake Rd
Orlando, FL 32809

Toll Free: 1-800-588-4656
Phone Number: 407-859-1500

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Yeshua Bread of Life

6220 S Orange Blossom Trail, Suite 507
Orlando, FL 32809